Etienne made me go from feeling stuck in a loophole with not a lot of options, to multiple possibilities where you put your energy in the things that can be changed, starting with yourself. He showed me a way to not get distracted by what others around me do but focus on my own issues and strengths.

I feel so much more strength in putting the negative to rest and use all that energy on changing myself. For me this coaching was a real game changer and made me see how my job is exciting, fun and challenging.

An executive managerof a Dutch company.

Etienne is an experienced professional in the banking industry with thorough understanding of multinational organization, a successful working experience and the ability to have an open dialogue with people at all levels. He is empathic, concrete, organized, flexible, demanding but understanding and supportive. These abilities helped him make the coaching experience extremely constructive from a professional and personal standpoint, and even a pleasant growth experience for me as a coach.

In addition to better understanding how to achieve my business objectives, the coaching helped me improve and mature as a person also outside of the working environment. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is willing to strive to improve as a professional and as a person, though to maximize the outcome I suggest this is taken seriously and with sincere willingness to experiment and change.

An ExecutiveAn International Bank.